DK-STELLPLÄTZE - new offer for RVers

6. June 2018

Rejoice, RVers!

DK-CAMP has launced a new concept for the modern RVer.

We call this DK-Stellplätze - and we are looking forward to welcoming RVers.

Secure and flexible overnighting
DK-Stellplätze is for all RVers looking for secure and flexible overnighting, and who like having full information regarding services and prices. Sites are usually specially marked on the campsite, where one stays together with other RVers.

More than 120 campsites with DK-Stellplätze
DK-Stellplätze are found in over 120 of Denmark's best located campgrounds. Here, there’s access to modern amenities where you can easily dispose of your household waste, wastewater and refill your drinking water tanks. They also offer facilities like showers, laundry, etc.

We make it easy for you!
All DK-Stellplätze are presented on DK-CAMP's web portal with a special presentation page, making it easy for those travelling by RV to find their next DK-Stellplätze. This way, you can match your needs with the services and prices each campsite offers.

Find a DK-Stellplätze on your smartphone!
Are you on the go and need to find a DK-Stellplätze “right away"? Grab your smartphone and go to Here, you will be taken by the hand and helped to the nearest campground that offers DK-Stellplätze.

Get DK-CAMP's DK-Stellplätze brochure
DK-CAMP has released a new brochure with all its DK-Stellplätze - see it here >>

The brochure includes complete information for DK-CAMP's 120+ DK-Stellplätze - displayed in ads, in an overview with contact information and on a map of Denmark.

The brochure is also available at DK-CAMP's campsites, RV dealers, tourist offices and at info pavilions along Danish highways.

Of course, you can also get the brochure at the winter and spring’s popular holiday and camping fairs.

We look forward to welcoming you!